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Equine Fencing

Letting your horses run wild is one fine way to keep them healthy. However, you cannot keep them out in the open all the time. Providing them with a confined space to exercise and relax is the main reason why you should put an equine fencing around your barn. Plastecowood provides exceptional quality of materials for horse fencing purposes.

You should purchase our fencing materials if you are looking for the following features:

Rot-Free Design and Architecture

The main problem with conventional equine fencing wooden materials is the longevity. These materials tend to rot quickly over time. With continuous exposure to weathering elements such as rain and dust, wood becomes a home to rotting elements like algae, bacteria, and fungi. Our Smartawood™ fencing material resists changes to the molecular architecture due to wear and tear. This feature makes them extremely strong and durable.

The rot-free design and architecture bring down the cost of replacement and installation significantly enabling these horse fences to last for decades.

Jet Washable Materials

Keeping your barn and horse fencing clean is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy environment for the horses. You cannot wash wooden fences regularly due to an increased risk of rotting. However, with Plastecowood materials, you can wash the fences every week without worrying about rotting. You can use pressurized water streams by jets to wash these fences without any consequences.

The jet washable fence reduces the overall time taken for you to clean and maintain the fences for a healthy environment.

Perfect for Heavy Duty Application

Most people do not use plastic materials for fencing due to lack of strength. However, with our fencing materials, you never have to worry about the safety and durability of the fences again. In fact, our Smartawood™ horse fencing is more reliable and strong compared to most wooden fences. The use of high-density plastic materials increases the overall strength of the structure by a significant amount.

Equine fencing - Splinter-Free Design to Keep Horses Safe

It is important that you make your equine fencing structures with splinter-free materials to keep the horses safe. Investment in the health of horses will automatically reduce the cost of taking them to a veterinarian each time. Our fencing materials feature a complex molecular geometry that produces a splinter-free design for construction.

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