Guarantee and installation guide

Environmental credentials and sustainability

  • Please be aware that our Smartawood™ product is manufactured in North Wales from UK generated waste plastic that would otherwise be destined for burial in landfill. For every 1 tonne of Smartawood deployed, we estimate 700kg (70%) of carbon is diverted from landfill. Our product is therefore sustainable and has extremely compelling environmental credentials.
  • Whole life costs of projects drastically reduced – no maintenance, no replacements, no requirement for paints, coatings or preservatives

Competitive pricing assurance

  • Plastecowood’s process is, as far as we know, unique in that it uses plastics segregated to only a very basic standard. Our input material is therefore very often free issue. As a consequence, Plastecowood’s Smartawood lumber is extremely competitively priced and we believe is the most cost-effective recycled plastic lumber available in the UK.

Lifelong endurance products

  • Plastecowood’s Smartawood lumber comes complete with a no quibble 10 year guarantee (please see website for details). However we fully expect our lumber product to last indefinitely.

Non-slip attributes of Smartawood - ideal for walkways

  • Plastecowood’s Smartawood product is especially suitable for boardwalks, decking and walkways. Please find below an independent slip test report to British Standards confirming that Smartawood presents low slip risk - whether wet or dry. Because it has a naturally textured surface it does not require grooving. Consequently it is easy to keep clean, dries quickly and does not harbour growth of moss, lichen or algae or the collection of water, ice or frost. Moisture, ice and frost evaporate quickly, minimising the risk of slipping.
  • Click for indepenedent full slip test report (PDF)

No microbes, no infestation, no rot

  • Plastecowood’s unique process heats the raw materials to very high temperatures. As a result all microbial life is destroyed. Smartawood is therefore often considered suitable in the right conditions for use with foodstuffs and also for export purposes. Smartawood is also very unlikely to become infested with insects and will never rot.

Payment terms

  • Prices quoted assume payment with order. Credit terms may be available subject to credit criteria.
  • All prices exclude VAT and delivery.


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