Benefits That Plastecowood’s Smartawood™ Offers You


  • Attractive and long-lasting finish
  • High performing endurance products, rigid, strong and long-lasting
  • Easy to work and install – standard woodworking tools (tungsten carbide tipped blades and drills)
  • Jet washable without scarring
  • Low slip risk surfaces ideal for boardwalks, walkways, steps, stages and pontoons
  • Security – unlike timber Smartawood™ does not rot even when in constant contact with damp soils or water ensuring livestock remain contained
  • Perfect for wetlands and marine environments
  • Dries quickly and does not retain moisture – so no wet bum syndrome on benches and park furniture!

Benefits to environment

  • Sustainable products, no timber 'provenance' issues, no deforestation, no rot, infestation or hygiene issues.
  • Environmentally friendly products re-using just waste and diverting waste from landfill
  • We calculate for every 1 tonne of Smartawood created 700 kilograms of carbon is diverted from landfill

Benefits to client wallet

  • Cost Comparison between Plastic Lumber & Timber - click here
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer and save money
  • Unique and free bespoke design and build service for assembled products –boardwalks, pallets, carriers, cases, crates, boxes and signs
  • Efficient use of waste material means really competitive pricing
  • Opportunity for waste companies, local authorities and waste producers to benefit from a circular economy with a closed loop arrangement to re-use waste and buy long life plastic product in place of imported timber, virgin plastic, metal or concrete
  • Whole life costs of projects drastically reduced – no maintenance, no replacements, no requirement for paints, coatings or preservatives

Benefits to UK

  • UK owned, operated and based company reducing timber imports and reducing transport costs and environmental impacts

Ease of working with us

  • Highly responsive sales team – receive clear, comprehensive quotes normally by return
  • Substantial stock levels – buy what you want, when you want and receive product promptly – no minimum volumes
  • Plastecowood is a friendly and flexible supplier welcoming all enquiries no matter how modest


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