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Products Made Using Recycled Plastic Lumber

Smartawood Lumber is made from sorted, but otherwise untreated, mixed plastic waste products using our own, unique recycling process. For every tonne of mixed plastic material sent in to us, one tonne of product is manufactured, leaving no waste: nothing goes
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Plastecowood’s Smartawood range is available as standard in beautiful Ebony Black or in stylish Chestnut Brown.

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100x 50 Rectangular post
  • Length: 1.7M
  • Weight: 7.50kg
  • Product Code:1005017BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:   15.00kg
  • Product Code: 1005034BL/BR
150x 50 Rectangular post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 11.13kg
  • Product Code:1505017BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:22.25kg
  • Product Code:1505034/BL/BR
100x 38 Rectangular post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 6.00kg
  • Product Code:1003817BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:12.00kg
  • Product Code: 1003834BL/BR

100x 100 Square post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 14.10kg
  • Product Code: 10010017BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:28.20.10kg
  • Product Code:10010034BL/BR
125x 75 Decking Support post
  • Length: 1.7M
  • Weight: 14.80kg
  • Product Code: 1257517BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:29.60kg
  • Product Code:1257534BL/BR
50x 50 Square post
  • Length:1.5M
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Product Code:505015BL/BR

  • Length: 3M
  • Weight:8kg
  • Product Code:50503BL/BR

100x 19 Fence rail post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 4.13kg
  • Product Code:1001924BL/BR
90x 90   Domed Hand Rail
  • Length:2.9M
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Product Code:909029BL/BR
95 Diameter Round Post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Product Code:95r17BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:22kg
  • Product Code:95r34BL/BR

150 Diameter Round Post
  • Length:1.7M
  • Weight: 26.15kg
  • Product Code:150r17BL/BR

  • Length: 3.4M
  • Weight:52.30kg
  • Product Code:150r34BL/BR

Using wooden lumber is a waste of earth’s natural resources. The need for more and more lumber is directly increasing the rate of deforestation in the world. Our team at Plastecowood is on a mission to provide high-quality recycled plastic lumber as an effective replacement for wood. We make the lumber products using plastic materials thereby directly reducing the rate of deforestation and all the consequences that come with it.

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