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Plastic Vegetable Boxes

Plastic is good for personal use but bad for the environment. Usually plastic does not interact with natural weathering elements directly. This makes it a perfect carrier of food items to keep them safe and unadulterated. Plastecowood produces exceptionally high-quality plastic vegetable boxes for commercial as well as personal use.

Here are a few frequently asked questions for plastic vegetable boxes.

Why Should I Use Plastic Vegetable Boxes?

Plastic is made from complex and long resin-based molecular chains. This makes them virtually indestructible by natural elements. They are resistant to sunlight, water, dust, microbial elements, etc. Unlike wood, plastic does not foster the growth of microbes. This is why you can easily store vegetables in Smartawood™ plastic-made boxes without worrying about the overall integrity of the box.

Why Should I Prefer Plastecowood’s Boxes?

Plastecowood manufactures the highest-quality of plastic boxes for vegetable storage purposes. Low-quality plastic leaches out harmful chemicals and paints into the vegetables. These chemicals make the vegetables inedible. Excessive and regular consumption of vegetables stored on such low-quality plastics can lead to several health complications in the long run.

If you are looking for a sustainable and healthy storage solution for vegetables and fruits, do check out our high-quality Smartawood™ plastic boxes.

What is the Cost of these Plastic Potato Boxes?

Contrary to what conventional wisdom and health benefits suggest, we offer high-quality plastic boxes at very competitive prices. In fact, our plastic boxes are some of the most affordable vegetable storage solutions on the market. Being a mass-producer of the plastic boxes, we can afford to bring down the overall cost of production. Apart from this, we use recycled plastic materials to make these vegetable boxes which helps us drive down the cost even further.

Can I Use these Plastic Potato Boxes Outside?

Yes, you can easily use these plastic boxes outside without worrying about decay due to weathering elements. In fact, you can even bury they boxes in the earth to provide a confined space for growth of plants on fertilized soil without causing any damage to the plant or the box.

Can I Wash these Plastic Potato Boxes?

Yes, you can easily wash the plastic boxes since they are extremely durable and waterproof. You can even use detergents to wash the boxes thoroughly.

Still looking for reasons to purchase Plastecowood’s high-quality plastic boxes for vegetable storage? Contact us for more information by giving us a call or dropping an email.