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Sustainable Timber

Timber looks great on indoor furniture. However, it is not suitable for outdoor purposes. In fact, timber is one of the fastest corroding types of wood in nature. If you are looking for sustainable timber materials, our team at Plastecowood has the perfect solution for you with Smartawood™ range of products.

We have successfully devised a technology to recycle waste plastic materials into sustainable products. These products can easily replace timber for rough and tough applications.

Give Back to Mother Nature

The non-biodegradable characteristic of plastics makes it very hard for nature to degrade them into basic components for a natural recycling process. That is why it is wise to recycle plastic products instead of throwing them away into a dustbin. At Plastecowood, we have taken the process of recycling plastic to a whole new level. With advanced technologies, we can convert the waste plastic products into durable and sustainable timber replacement products.

Wooden materials can create a damp and airy environment to foster the growth of microbial contaminants. Unlike timber, our products do not degrade on the attack from fungi, algae, and other microbial elements. Instead, our products are hygienic replacements to the timber and other wood materials. So if you are looking for a durable product while contributing towards the betterment of nature, check out our wide range of tools.

Weather-proof Solutions

Timber tends to rust and breakdown upon repeated exposure to sun, pollution, and rain. If you live in an urban settlement, the chances of timber rusting go up by several folds due to repeated exposure to acid rain. Under such circumstances, it is wise to go with an option like Smartawood™ that offers a weatherproof replacement to timber.

Our sustainable timber replacement product looks and feels as premium as timber. However, it is significantly more weatherproof due to the non-biodegradable nature of the plastics.

Easy Splinter-less Installation

Over time, timber can rust and produce harmful splinters easily. You can easily get hurt by carrying an ancient timber-made item from one place to another. Plastecowood’s sustainable timber products pose no such threat to you. Therefore, you can easily craft new products and install them at the desired location using our sustainable materials.

At Plastecowood, we provide a one-stop solution to all your construction material needs in an environment-friendly way. Check out our huge collection lumber, assembled, post and rail fencing, etc. products. We also offer a large variety of environment-friendly grow boxes that will serve their purpose for years to come.